Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Maximum Wagon Day!

Today (what's left of it) was Maximum Wagon Day on my #1 time-waster, Jalopnik.

...and I'd like to take credit for it for having sent in the tip about the ailing site.

The Wife and I are proud owners of two wagons, an '06 Subaru WRX and the aforementioned '67 Ford Country Sedan. I've been a long-time favorite of wagons, whose virtue I have expounded upon in the past and will expound upon in the future. You may even see a semi long-format essay thing on this site about how wagons are superior to "Crossovers" and most SUVs in every single way.

In the meanwhile, I'll hand it over to Jalopnik for all your wagon-loving desires.

Credit to Nate Beaty the picture.

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