Saturday, April 4, 2009

Worth Reading: Classic Jalopnik

Chances are if you found your way here, you came by way of now very-big auto blog

In pulling up the El Camino link for my Auto-Biography, Part 3, I knew right where I wanted to go: the El Camino SS was the 50th out of 50 cars in the now-dormant Jalopnik Fantasy Garage.

Somehow that led me to the sign-off post from Jonny Lieberman, who used to write there, which contains a pile of links back to great posts of the early Jalopnik 1.0 days. We're now on Jalopnik 2.0, which has its appeal. But it's no Jalopnik 1.0. Dig around in the archives, there's many a precious nugget to be found.

My personal favorite: Murilee Martin's comment on the Mazda MX-5.

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